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12-10-2012, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
Even if Arena got more events, it may not be enough events to cover all the expenses. Some of the other cities with two arenas have secondary tenants (both Twin Cities arenas do as does HP Pavilion in San Jose). Except for New York (who could probably support three), Los Angeles, and Chicago, I don't think a city can support two large arenas for professional teams. There just aren't enough secondary tenants, circuses, concerts, Harlem Globetrotters, tractor pulls, WWE/MMA, etc, events to go around to two arenas. It's just all bleak.
While true, it has also been a point the COG has either refused to look into or refuse to accept: that they will never make any money with their arena and their focus should be on minimizing losses.

The costs of financing the arena and hiring and arena manager (for a reasonable AMF) focusing on concerts and other events will close the loss gap while still bringing people to Westgate. Certainly more than financing the arena and paying the massive AMF just to keep the Coyotes around.

One thing is probably going to have to do is find a secondary tenant. They had one in the NLL as the Arizona Sting. They lasted four years. The problem, of course, is there aren't many options. US Airways already has the Mercury and Rattlers. Because of the Suns, a NBDL team is unlikely. As long as the Coyotes are there, any minor league ice hockey is not going to happen (it could happen if they do re-locate). There isn't an indoor soccer league big enough for an arena this size. NLL failed once, but perhaps it could succeed again. A minor league arena football team wouldn't need an arena this size. There isn't a college basketball team in the area that would move to it.
Unfortunately the Sting had two problems: while their attendance was among the lowest in the league at the time AND they had to fly-in all their players. I think that even if they had the among the highest attendances in the league, the latter would have still made the franchise lose money in the long term. I can't see that changing today, unless they want to try and pay most of the guys enough to move down to Arizona for the season.

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