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12-10-2012, 10:35 AM
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I guess it depends on what you think the ultimate motivation behind the back diving deal is.

I personally believe the motivation is having necessary cap space left after signing a big player or two to fill out a deep roster. Removing the back diving and limiting the contract term doesn't change that motivation from a GM. While the cap hit for someone like Crosby may go up a bit it isn't going to go to 20% of the cap hit as the GM still needs to ice a deep team to compete for the cup. Instead what you get rid of is the $30 mil over the first couple of years stuff which HELPS the middle class because escrow is calculated in real dollars not cap hit.

Now if the PA truly believe that this is some huge threat to the middle class the solution is easy...and it isn't tacking on an extra year for free agents re-signing with their teams (NHL offer was 7 and PA moving to 8). It's reducing the max cap hit of the player to, say, 14%. Somehow I don't think they go for that because IMO this isn't about the middle class at all but rather about the select few with huge long term back diving deals.

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