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12-10-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by syz View Post
I liked 8 as well, but the magic system was legitimately bad. Having to draw spells to stock up, and not being able to use the good ones because you were better off having them junctioned to your characters.

Also, did anyone else just not know about the magic lamp you get from Cid early on? I didn't* bother trying to use it until near the end of the game, and Diablo scaled with your level.. he was a monster if you didn't beat him early.
Diabolos is blindable, no matter what the level. He cannot kill a character while blinded as long as they are above 1 hp because his physical attacks miss and all the rest of his damage is % based.

As for my order for favorite FF (based upon gameplay and story) to least favorite:

FF6 > FF11 > FF5 > FF12 > FF4 > FF3 > FF14 (old gameplay/story) > FF8 > FF13 > FF2 > FF1 > FF10 > FF9 > FF7

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