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Originally Posted by Roughneck View Post
While true, it has also been a point the COG has either refused to look into or refuse to accept: that they will never make any money with their arena and their focus should be on minimizing losses.

The costs of financing the arena and hiring and arena manager (for a reasonable AMF) focusing on concerts and other events will close the loss gap while still bringing people to Westgate. Certainly more than financing the arena and paying the massive AMF just to keep the Coyotes around.
I agree. This folly started when the COG was convinced that the mall would look great with a large indoor arena. A mall shouldn't need an arena to go along with it. A mall should be a destination in and of itself. If it needs an $180 million arena to draw people to it, it's going to have problems. But that's beside the point.

I agree that the COG would be better served either doing one of the options from a previous post or just keeping the arena around, get a good arena manager to book more events, and minimize the loses. Once the retail real estate market recovers, figure out something better. Right now, the focus should be about minimizing losses and not throwing money the city doesn't have at keeping a tenant there.

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