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12-10-2012, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
100% incorrect. My argument is about what is fair between the owners who pay for everything related to hockey, and the players who people want to watch play. Both sides need the other, more or less, equally. People pay to see great players in their favoured teams' jerseys, and the owners pay everything necessary to bring in those players and make the experience at the arena as good as possible.

By the way, the players' worth is not "capped" beyond what the NHL makes. There is a salary cap in place, but as long as revenues grow, so do salaries. Significantly. Now, the owners DO pay to "sell" their team, and certain teams are far more marketable than others, no matter which players are on the team (Leafs and Habs, for example). So, owners are quite necessary to the entire process. As are the players. Ultimately, though, the owners are MORE necessary. In any case, giving both sides a 50/50 split is fair since both sides are necessary for the league to grow and develop.
The first part, i am in agreement, i think most are. But bolded part is what brings back to my original statement, that your arguments are based on that "more necessary"; your perception of players worth, validating my original statement yourself.

While you see owners as a necessity, i see them as opportunists. People in general, who have little interest in 'developing' the product, and more in 'developing' their wallet. Not that they are not "necessary", but that they bring no developing factors, just rehashing what other more successful leagues(sports)/teams do. And they lag behind other leagues(sports), in terms of analytical employment. Wether it's hockey-related, or marketing-related. The real necessities in the ownership part, is having good accountants, good strategists, good etc. And the supply of those is quite high, comparatively to "good" hockey players.

Whats most necessary for the NHL, is to keep a monopoly on it's player pool. Once NHL enters a competitive market with other leagues, if that's ever going to happen, you will see how "necessary" owners are compared to players and how lucky owners were in our days to be able to keep 99% of high end talent in it's league and why they paid the prices they paid to keep the players and the PA functional.

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