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12-10-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by OilDrop37 View Post
Rory absolutely destroys Penn tonight. Should've finished him twice, not sure what he was waiting for? Ah well, I'll take the W.

Strikes were 116-24 in favour of Rory. I was a little disappointed in Rorys showboating but I guess a young guy is prone to that now and again. He called out Condit at the end of the fight. Not sure Carlos can turn him down and save face.
I'm not a big fan of the showboating either, but I think he's trying to up the showmanship to get a little more attention. Not unlike a Diaz performance that everyone loves so much. It just doesn't seem to fit with his personality.

As for not finishing BJ when he had the chance, I think he could have tried, but BJ is pretty hard to put away. I'm pretty sure he's never been knocked out clean. He could have attacked the body more and made the ref stop it though.

Henderson beats on Diaz as well. Nate isn't even close to taking the title. I'm not sure anyone is to be honest. Henderson looks unstoppable right now.
Henderson looked unstoppable against Diaz for sure. Nate Diaz's camp should be ashamed of themselves for sending him out with that game plan. If there was a game plan at all. They had no plan for the leg kicks, which pretty much decided the direction of the fight. Anyone who has watched him fight before could tell you that he's going to use them. Diaz didn't check them, attempt leg kick of his own or do anything to make Bendo think twice before throwing them. He was so confident that Diaz wouldn't respond, he started punching his legs with jabs. The Diaz game plan for either of them seems to be that they just need to be tough enough to take punishment and try to goad your opponent into a boxing match. That's good enough for a lot of guys, but you won't win a championship with that. That mid-fight mean mugging doesn't work if you're not in your opponents head. And it looks pretty stupid if you stick your chin out to look tough and get knocked on your ass.

Shogun had his moments with Gustafson... But not enough of them. JBJ looks safe for awhile at Light Heavy. This was really the only competitive fight tonight.
I wasn't convinced that Gustafson was that good before, but he made Shogun look pretty bad. He's made some major improvements. Not ready for Bones Jones yet, but it won't be long.

The only absolutes tonight are that BJ is done (was taken to the hospital after the fight), Shogun is a gatekeeper for the LHW division and Henderson will be champ at LW for a looongggg time (sorry Pettis fans). Rory is a top 5 WW but not ready to dethrone GSP anytime soon, Gustafsson looks good but not a threat to Bones Jones and Diaz will be stuck at #2 or #3 in the LW division for the foreseeable future.
BJ could still fight at 155 if he wanted, but he's not getting that title again, so should he? Probably not.

Shogun could rebound from this performance, but I'm thinking he'll be like Wanderlei Silva, and just get put in there to make exciting middle of the pack fights. Its a good thing he got the belt at least once before Jones came calling.

Rory will bide his time. Its going to work out for him too. Because he's going to develop as a fighter instead of being rushed in to the title scene too soon. The UFC has no real development plan for stars. They're just trying to get them enough hype to sell PPVs. But really, when they have young phenoms, they should be working them up the ranks methodically. That way when its their time, they really do deserve it and they'll have the experience to make it competitive.

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