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12-10-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
League is losing sponsership money now that they lost chance at 60 game schedule (Lose out on full share of $$$),, Make whole at 300M is not happening

Expect NHL to go back to original make whole offer and for talks to die until season is officially cancelled around January 18th IMO
How many sponsorships and which ones?

Many of these assumptions are based on previous sponsorship agreements. I don't think the major agreements are written the same the last few years. I wonder who the source is, an exec or a former owner or exec. We know the TV deal is already hedged and constructed different than almost every major tv deal to date. Many rumors had the owners looking at a season of less than 60 games during negotiations last week. It doesn't make much sense to have rushed things last week since 60 games wasn't very likely.

You might be right, but I've read all sorts of unsubstantiated claims about how the major deals are written and the potential for losses of fixed revenue. We may find out some specifics in the future. I don't trust much of the speculation and reporting from the Hockey News staff lately.

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