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12-10-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Winroba View Post
If they did, it'd have to be related to the Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid Prime is vastly inferior to the main series and does nothing for Samus as a character.

As for a Metroid movie, the best way to handle it would be as follows:

Movie 1: Metroid (based upon Metroid Zero Mission and 2)
- Establish Samus and her relationship with Ridley (Origin will have to be Ridley killing her parents and the Chozo saving her)
- Since Samus is generally a loner, I'd implement the marines from the Other M here, particularly a nameless squad of red shirts and Adam as well as the Hunters from corruption to serve as compareables to Samus.
- Samus + the marines go to her home planet because of a distress call (plot from Metroid 1)
- Fight 1 with Ridley, elevator shaft battle from Corruption, she gets saved by Adam because she can't fight well suffering from Post Traumatic stress
- Marines + Sammy find Chozo armory, she gets a power boost
- Kraid
- Metroid breeding facility where all of the crew that isn't Samus dies
- Norfair + Ridley
- Samus suffers PTS again, fights through it
- Ridley "dies" and she finds one last egg, baby metroid, which imprints on her, which she takes and brings to a space research facility
- Stinger: Giant glass tube with an eye opening up

Movie 2: Super Metroid (based upon, well, it's obvious)
- Samus gets called to space research facility, finds Ridley stealing baby Metroid
-Samus chases Ridley to Super Metroid planet
- Runs into Bounty Hunters from Corruption at various points
- Fights Phantoon + Draygon
- Kills Ridley, no longer is afraid of him (again)
- Mother brain + Baby metroid goodness
- Facility goes boom
- Stinger: a Samus doppleganger forms

Movie 3: Metroid Dread (based upon Fusion)
- Establish X Parasite
- Samus gets her ass kicked by SaX
- Adam is sentinent AI of facility she is in
- Bounty Hunters return, save her, put her in revitalization chamber while they chase SaX
- Samus wakes up to Nightmare attacking where she is, finds out facility is trying to crash itself
- Finds out her friends are now corrupted by SaX
- Kills them
- Can't prevent crash, finds out facility is trying to create an omega metroid
- Fights SaX only to find out it's trying to amass power to kill a pissed off Omega Metroid
- Samus fights Omega Metroid and SaX sacrifices itself so Samus has it's power
- Samus wins, hightails it out of there

While I can go into much, much, much, much more detail. That is the only way to do the trilogy right. And I used the only good part of the Prime games too!

As far as it being possible to make: It is certainly possible. An extremely skilled director and writer would need to be chosen though, because Samus is a character that needs to be written a very specific way, and the movie itself needs to involve a bit of Horror, Action and Adventure without sacrificing her character.

I mean, Samus has motherly instincts (baby Metroid) but her closest human relationships were Adam (her human mentor) and Ghandrya (who pretty much was in love with Samus, but Samus always looked perplexed)

This moment needs to be on film though, it's horrifying:

which leads to..

(Ridley does not necessarily need to speak for these moments to come across though)

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