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12-10-2012, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
I told you my problem. But since you and your other condescending friend don't get it I'll say it again.

Pay attention.

Recovering. He is a recovering heroin addict.

He is not a heroin addict. He isn't using heroin today. To say it the way you did is callous, inaccurate, and *******y.

Yeah, his past problems are always hanging over him and absolutely any team has to consider it when signing him. Never said otherwise.

But you can say it with a little more tact. It is dismissive and insulting. We have people on this board, respected posters, that have talked about past problems with substance abuse. What you said was insulting to them and to anyone that has ever been touched, directly or indirectly, by substance abuse problems.

Now go away.

I thought saying "recovering" was unneccessary. Everyone knows he isn't using today, but it doesn't mean he is no longer a heroin addict. What I said was technically correct. No he is no longer using heroin currently, but that doesn't mean he's not an addict.

Recovering addicts are not recovered addicts. Recovered addicts do not exist. I didn't go on and call him a ******* for being one and insult him for being one. I just said that he is one. Being directly affected or not on a personal level should not be used to issue superiority on the subject matter.

That one word I left out is the reason for this debate? I apologize but josh hamilton hasn't earned a second chance from me, so calling him a recovering addict would soften my statement on him. To me, an addict is an addict. Good for him that right now, he isn't using but he's still an addict. I'll stand by my statement. Perhaps more clarity besides "awful post" would have shortened the debate about what exactly was so awful so thank you for elaborating. Truthfully. I just disagree with you on the topic, Respectfully. Typically I think your takes are good on this board. No need to argue anymore at this point, it seems we are at an impasse

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