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12-10-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by bigd View Post
The players can't win in this negotiation. The only thing they can do is minimize the blood letting. If that means negotiating right up until the end then I respect them for that. Every offer the NHL has presented is a take it or leave it offer with a threat of the next one being worse even though they come back with a better one. How can you present an offer and say that's it "we just want a yes or no answer". What kind of negotiating is that? And then they have the balls to say they are negotiating with themselves. I guess they are right because they sure as hell aren't negotiating with the PA.

I hope the Players accept a 10-year deal rather than a 5-year deal. Because it's the only thing that will prevent the jackasses who run this league from another lockout in 5 years.

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