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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post
It depends on your point of view. On one hand, the players are the product. Without the players you don't have the league. On the other hand, it's the owners who are laying out the money to run the league, provide arena's etc...

I'd say a 50/50 split is fair. However, I could certainly see either side feeling that their worth is more than the other.

I want to get something straight. Is the cap itself 50% of the revenue or is the mid-point between the cap and the floor 50%? Because if the cap is 50%, then the owners will get significantly more than the players. The cap is 50%, the floor is 36% (it was a 14% gap last time), so the mid-point would be 42% of the revenue to the players.

From what I understand, the last time, the cap was 57%, the floor was 43% and the mid-point was 50%, so really, the last CBA from 2005 was actually 50-50. This one is almost 60-40 in favor of the owners. Am I wrong?

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