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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
There was basically 7 seasons since the lockout, Thomas sucked for 3 of those seasons and was good to dominant for the other 4. He should at least be considered, but it's hard to call him the best since he wasn't consistantly good for that whole stretch. The same goes for Brodeur: he really has only had two dominant seasons since the last lock out, the rest he's varied from good to average to bad.

Lundqvist, despite not winning any trophys, has had 4 relatively dominant seasons. Even in the other 3 he was over a 0.910 S% with under a 2.50 GAA. Luongo is the other prime candidate, he has the best post lockout stats of any goalie. Again, he has nothing but a Jennings Trophy to show for it, but he's had Vezna nominations, a Hart nominations, and 4 relatively dominant seasons out of the 7.

It really depends on how you look at it. Thomas has the most hardware with his pair of Veznas, his Jennings, and his Conn Smythe trophy. Yet, he hasn't has as good of stats as Luongo or Lundqvist since the last lockout. I'd say it's a 3 horse race, I'm not even sure why guys like Miller or Kiprusoff are getting votes here.
Thomas didn't suck for any of his seasons. The Bruins may have sucked, but Thomas was always above average at least.
He didn't get due credit before he won the Vezina and now it seems some people want to say that 2 Vezina's, a Conn Smyth, and a Stanley Cup aren't good enough to be among the best goaltenders since the lockout.

Way to go. That is quite biased if you ask me. What other goaltender has done what he has since the lockout?

Noboby, that's who.

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