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12-10-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
I'm soooo jealous!! I hope that Sprint follows through with their intention of bringing WP8 devices in 2013

*Sent from my Surface tablet, maybe you be jealous now!*
They might with their recent takeover from Softbank, but I'm tired of hoping they do. I've put up with their stupid customer service in the past so I figure AT&T can't be too much worse. Biggest loss was really the dataplan, but since my father wanted to switch he let me jump on their plan and just pay him back. Saved me tonsssss than getting my own account while I finish up college.

I'm definitely getting a Surface next though, might get lucky and get money towards it for Christmas or I'll wait til they drop a little bit more.

I'm debating if I should switch my White out for a Cyan when they come in stock and buy a Cyan Surface. My only concern with the Surface is the fact it's RT, meaning I can't run Matlab or other programs for classes in the Spring. Any chance you can give me your opinion on that little snag?

I understand the counter being better battery life, cheaper and that it isn't actually locked down but rather has no ARM supported applications (so theoretically people could develop for it).

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