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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
Forsberg was matched with Karlsson and Åberg early this season.. And that line was the plan before last tournament aswell I think. The other two stayed together but got filled in by different guys(Burakovsky, Wennberg) with Forsberg out. I always got the feel they tried to make that trio a leading line, similar to how they had Sundström-Larsson-Friberg all of last year, but without Åberg it's possible they'll just blow it up.

Forsberg-Karlsson-Arvidsson is a line I'd like to see tried out myself.
Well Forsberg does say his favorite player to play with is William Karlsson so you gotta think they're going to be inseparable (god, that plus the fact that he says he models his game after Getzlaf, and Perry, and his game does resemble Perry's at times, AND his name is Forsberg, AND he's got all that talent, I wanted Forsberg so bad. I thought that when he was still available, it would be a no brainer pick. I even said "that's why we didn't Forsberg. Murray has no brain ")

Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
Thanks for the update. The last part does not surprise me, he was Rögle's best defenseman late in the season last year, too.

He's got an elite-level shot. Right now his path to the NHL does not seem cut out, but if/when he can figure out how to maximize the impact and get himself into scoring situations more often, he can be great.

He's got many good qualities, but if he can't utilize his shot, he's not an NHL talent necessarily.
It's not just his shot he needs to utilize though. I distinctly remember he has issues handling the puck as well as distributing and receiving it. I mean you can chalk that up to youth and inexperience but he's gotta diversify his game if he wants to make an NHL impact. I think his speed and his shot will put him in the NHL but that doesn't mean he'll be useful. Guys with one dimension to their game aren't very valuable. But he's got time to develop. I always said to the people who were predicting Collberg would go before Forsberg that you could almost guarantee it wouldn't happen, that there was a reason scouts had Forsberg as the top european prospect. Forsberg shows skills in many different avenues of the game. He shows maturity in his decisions even if the execution isn't quite there yet. Even Teravainen over Collberg made sense, but I thought he still should've gone around 19-25.

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