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Originally Posted by Bryanbryoil View Post
The thing that bothers me is that even though it's obvious that Paajarvi is working on his game many act as if he isn't improving. He isn't throwing a ton of floaters from the blueline at the net and in recent games has been more inclined to hold onto the puck to look for a pass once he gains the line. He has been getting his nose dirty more than he did, and he has been playing pretty well on the PK. He is showing signs of improvement. His draft position at this point means nothing, it won't accelerate his learning curve, it won't make him better than he is. He is improving as a player and is young enough that if he continues to do so he could be a valuable player for this or another team. People need to stop thinking that he'll be a 1st liner, it's not going to happen anytime soon or likely ever. Start looking at him like a checking player and if he ever does add more offense it's a bonus, if not then it is what it is.
I'll fully admit I haven't watched one second of OKC hockey this year but the thing that annoys me about MPS (and some of his fans) is when once in a blue moon when he tries to the net (and shovels a weak backhand on net or gets the puck poked from him) his fans go on and on for pages about how he's learning and attacking the net and etc. One above average play from his brings on heaps of praise. He's freaking 6'3 200+ pounds, I would hope he'd drive the net with force.

Criticize players like Gagner (or heck even Cogs) all you want, but I admire little guys that do the dirty work and are willing to take punishment to make a play. I have seen MPS play like a scared kitten too many times, this is a guy that will take a play offside to avoid getting hit. His defensive game is also overstated since he's so passive offensively, he'll give up on a play prematurely and become a third defencemen, leaving the other 2 forwards to make up for his lack of creativity.

If you say he's become tougher in the AHL, good for him but I'm a believer in the thought that a player either has that mindset or doesn't. He needs to throw more hits, use his speed to his advantage more and stop with the limp wristshots and if he's doing that in OKC, again good for him.

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