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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
It's all posturing. Every player and every owner had enough familiarity with the issues to be in the room, Daly and Steve Fehr were in there and Bettman/Donald Fehr were stalking the corridors advising everyone every chance the got. Remember this wasn't a marathon session where no one could leave the room. There were lots of chances for both sides to coordinate with their leaders.

The idea that each side didn't know exactly what was discussed or what could be offered/accepted is ludicrous.
The issues are complex enough, it would be very easy to get a number or detail or even more so a relationship between two details wrong even if you had been briefed. Especially given how much in the art of negotiation is said and understood *between* the lines. It might very well be that Fehr for example understood something said by Bettman a certain way, told players about it, who then talked to owners informed by Bettman about what he thought he had said. Even the presence of S. Fehr and Daly wouldn't really rule out the potential for misunderstanding here.

Negotiations are so much about psychology, just look at Bettman's statement at the end of those talks, that was either masterful manipulation or the worn psyche of a stressed man - either way a testament to the psychological element here. If robots sat at that table then we would either have robots shooting lasers at each other or a deal.

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