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Originally Posted by KesselLooksLikeRadar View Post
You guys were talking about small things that piss you off earlier? I think I win for smallest thing to piss you off. Okay, so, on Friday and Saturday, my friend, a girl I met a week ago and I were studying for our HR exam (I hate HR, for the record), and I thought it went pretty well. The girl I had met a week ago tend to look things up to confirm something, I tended to logically try and think about the answer while my friend just looked everything over for way too long and just spouted off ******** that was wrong 70 of the time. Point being is that for the last two days, they've studied without me. Put aside the fact that we were doing practice quizzes and my answers were right far more often than his, and yet she chooses him?? **** that.

It pisses me off because I thought her and I hit it off really well, and my friend already has a ****ing girlfriend, and he knows I am interested. Not once does the ****ing guy ever play wingman for me, yet I've covered for him before. It's ****ing ********. I hate non-wingman friends. I hate the fact he can act like he's doing something smart; but never actually doing it. I hate that ACTUALLY BEING SMART is a ******* handicap for some reason.


See? I think I win.
Can't even make a comment about this because my friend is a bad ass wing-man.

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