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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
They might with their recent takeover from Softbank, but I'm tired of hoping they do. I've put up with their stupid customer service in the past so I figure AT&T can't be too much worse. Biggest loss was really the dataplan, but since my father wanted to switch he let me jump on their plan and just pay him back. Saved me tonsssss than getting my own account while I finish up college.

I'm definitely getting a Surface next though, might get lucky and get money towards it for Christmas or I'll wait til they drop a little bit more.

I'm debating if I should switch my White out for a Cyan when they come in stock and buy a Cyan Surface. My only concern with the Surface is the fact it's RT, meaning I can't run Matlab or other programs for classes in the Spring. Any chance you can give me your opinion on that little snag?

I understand the counter being better battery life, cheaper and that it isn't actually locked down but rather has no ARM supported applications (so theoretically people could develop for it).
Well Sprint did recently announce (maybe a month ago or so?) that they will be "Bringing WP8 devices to their network in 2013" but declined to specify WHEN in 2013.

It most likely won't be the Lumia 920 though, because I can't imagine Sprint wanting to wait until it's exclusivity is up. Though Sprint COULD strike a deal with Nokia for a Variant of the 920 (PLEASE let that be the case!) or they could simply work something out with HTC and Samsung for their respective models (The HTC 8X or Samsung ATIV).

Now, onto the Surface!

I've posted on a couple of Tech Sites in regards to the harsh words that are put towards Windows RT. Maybe it's just how I am thinking, but if the iPad doesn't fully support Mac OS and uses iOS, and that's acceptable to people, why isn't the same said for Windows RT? From what I've gathered and seen first hand, the Surface RT IS the equivalent of an iPad to either a MacBook or iMac. For me that's perfect.

When I lay it out that way, I am usually met with people saying that "Well what if I want to use '_______' application? I can't on a Surface RT."

While that's true, I maintain that I have a laptop with fully functional Windows 8 Pro and a MacBook Pro and even a Desktop running Windows Vista (we don't use that too much), so if I need to do work, I'll use one of those 3 other devices.

I have a Surface RT and I specifically chose it besides waiting for the Surface Pro (and I did debate even knowing that the Pro would be priced a bit higher) for the following reasons

A) I have wanted a tablet like an iPad or Android tablet (and even considered the Nexus 10)

B) I have no problem with the Surface RT not being able to "run legacy apps" (as Microsoft phrases it)

C) Believe it or not, the Apps that I would want and use were already available on the Surface RT, and I'm not disappointed in the App catalogue at this point.

And on the subject of the App Store, MS IS putting a big emphasis in getting more out there.

People often forget, because the iOS and Android platforms have matured, but those two OS's started somewhere and they weren't the successes that they are now overnight. I just really wish that people would view Windows RT and the Surface RT as they would something like an iPad and it's relation to a MacBook or iMac. No one uses an iPad in the EXACT same way that one would use a MacBook or iMac, so why is MS being judged on a different scale? (Again that's my point of view).

In short. I bought the Surface RT, and a Cyan Touch Cover (I AM disappointed at the cost of the product).

Lonewolfe, you and I seem to be in sync on our Technology of choice (we've both have spoken of our MS fandom and have expressed love for the WP7/8 devices). So if that IS the case, then I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend a Surface, whether you choose the RT or the Pro (but the battery life is phenomenal on the Surface RT). I think you'll have a blast with it.

Hope this helps you out buddy!

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