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05-31-2006, 12:15 PM
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Kovalev is of a similar value the 4-5M offensive players that were around last summer. Satan,Kariya, I'm sure there are others, valuable to a team that needed someone who could score. As long as he puts up #'s, he's of value. It's difficult to assess value, in term sof trade return. If they do the job, they don't get moved, that's why they were signed, if they don't they become untradeable.

A bad team building with youth wouldn't touch him. A decent team that needs an offensive player to push them over the top would have interest,but why give up a prized prospect when you van look at a ufa ? So, do you move him for a similar situation ? Zhamnov,Murray, but why bother ? He's what he's always been, a guy who can rise to the occasion and get a few goals or make a few plays by himself. He can't do it as often as we'd like but shouldn't be surprised, he is a really good player who often has great games. He's a bit enigmatic, but didn't just get that way.

You could get anywhere from a good prospect [maybe if Toronto was closer,one of their D prospects could have been offered] or a scorer who may need to be moved. If a guy like St.Louis was a dick rather than a good guy,he'd be a possibility. Roughly 20% less $ for 20% less production. No reason for TB or Mtl. to do that at this point though,just an example.

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