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12-10-2012, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
It really doesn't take much steel off and it ensures you have a fresh, clean hollow every time. That's also standard procedure anywhere around here and tbh I think it's foolish to NOT grind it down. You'll never get an even hollow like that as you have to adjust the level for every individual skate and you don't know where the other sharpener had it
Nope, you can check the edges with a level before you start and adjust from there. There is absolutely no need to cross grind the steel before every sharpening. Also, once the hollow is established the number of passes has no bearing on whether the hollow is deeper. If someone wants less bite you don't do fewer passes you re-dress the wheel and give them a shallower hollow.

As for your comment about adjusting the holder for each individual skate...that is exactly what you do. Not every skate will sit the same in the clamp so adjustments will be needed. They won't have to be huge adjustments for every skate if you have the holder properly aligned to the wheel, but you will have to make small ones. Save the cross grinding for edges that are really uneven or skates that look like they were used for rock climbing. Otherwise you are just wasting steel.

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