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12-10-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
Drabek has top of the rotation stuff. I think he'll be fine after TJ.
This is his second TJ though. I can't find a list of pitchers who had to have 2 TJ surgeries, but to the best of my recollection it's a short list and not exactly tending toward those guys being top flight starters when they got back from surgery #2.

Originally Posted by Leafsdude7 View Post

Also, while I'm here, maybe a bit off topic, but what is our AAA squad likely to look like, considering there are no injuries beyond Drabek and Henderson prior to the start of the season and there are no new pickups?
Hard to predict at this point. Presumably Gose and d'Arnaud start the year in AAA, as would Sierra and possibly/probably David Cooper (I'm not sure if Cooper still has options). Ryan Goins, who was added to the 40-man this off-season could get promoted given that he played pretty much all of last year in AA. Ditto for Ryan Schimpf (that he was in AA all last year, not that he's on the 40-man). We'll probably also see more pitchers move up to AAA rather than going AA to MLB because Buffalo isn't the launching pad that Vegas was. So with that in mind, right now I think it's probably something like:

C: Travis d'Arnaud*, Eli Whiteside*
1B: David Cooper*
2B: Mike McCoy
3B: Ryan Schimpf
SS: Ryan Goins*
LF: Sawyer Carroll (Rule 5 selection from the AAA/AA phase)
CF: Anthony Gose*
RF: Moises Sierra*

* are on the 40-man roster, making them potential call-ups.

Pitchers: Chad Jenkins, Deck McGuire maybe, Carreno if/when he's ready after being hit in the face recently... Honestly, you've got me at this point, it's a lot harder to predict what they might want to do with pitchers. Justin Germano is in there somewhere, but he's a reliever. Loup would be here if he ends up being squeezed out at the MLB level. Jeffress would be too if he doesn't make the MLB cut and clears waivers. the Bisons are also allowed to sign and field their own players to fill holes that can't be by players within the Jays' org.

Originally Posted by FreeBird View Post
Santos and Janssen have arm problems, Rogers had a couple of good months in Cleveland don't know if that will translate here, he was terrible in Colorado. Delabar was out of baseball and he could break down at any time. None of these guys are lights out finishers, their certainly are not Ward and Hinke.
You've basically described 90% of bullpen pitchers ever. Rivera-type guys who have long, distinguished, consistent careers are a rare breed. Most relievers end up having short or journeyman careers. Whether it's because of injury or just because a guy gets figured out, the bullpen is always super volatile and that's the reason that it's usually foolish to spend big money there when you can use it elsewhere instead.


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