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12-10-2012, 01:39 PM
Gary says it's A-OK
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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post

As a Princeton grad, he somewhat feels the need to excel at all aspects of his life.

Interesting that the owners were not as "briefed"/knowledgeable about the status as the players in last week's meetings.
I think it's interesting to note that he is using the same arguments that the owners expressed in respect to the dissemination of info by Don Fair to what the owners were offering only weeks ago? Turnabout is fair play even though it's disingenuos and unimaginative. I suppose then the players that were doing their best to demonize Bettman are now asking why it is that the NHL is suddenly demonizing Don.

Westgarth was on HC at Noon today with Millard/Kypreos/MacLean

Maclean asked him point blank if the 300m was tied to the 3 specific items, I'll give Westgarth this, he gave the longest answer possible and didn't answer the question. Obsfucation at it's finest, not even Nick was sure how to defend his obvious avoidance.

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