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12-10-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Gallatin View Post
Yes Jiggy - you are right the owners had it coming, and they got right between the eyes by the PA.

Problem is, the health of the game, and of your Pittsburgh Penguins, was not put seriously at risk by under-paying the players.

The entire sport was at risk when the players were pulling in 70%, and unlike under-paying the players, it was just not sustainable.

I'll remind you the Pens were one of the casualties.

Now feel free to go ahead and build emotionally driven logic bombs to prove I am wrong. And post them over and over and over again. Jiggy wins through sheer determination.... Again.

Chancellor - how bout we name the new thread "Jiggy goes full Panda?"
Or we could call it the "lets post facts" thread instead of making up BS and thinking the owners are always in the right. I've asked you and the other blind anti-PA crowd to explain how another year or two, added to contract term affects what the owners hope to accomplish... I get the same rhetoric back and dancing around the question.

The Penguins were a casualty of Baldwin's poor decision making running the team into bankruptcy. He took a bridge loan from SMG leaving the team with only gate revenue and later leveraged off TV rights as well.

He then, foolishly, agt CP advice, gave Lemieux a guaranteed contract. Lemieux played only a couple of seasons of the contract, leaving close to 25-30m in dead money on the team books.

Then when the city approached him about building a new arena and going in on plan B with the Pirates and Steelers, he turned it down and instead accepted money for renovations for the Civic Arena.

Baldwin's poor choices put this team into bankruptcy, not BG. Again, facts.

God forbid a fair deal is worked out for both sides, like the NFL did.

It's much better to keep pushing past the 2000 games missed mark due to NHL labor strife, because the "players had it coming" and the owners want to get Fehr.

Sound logic.

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