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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post

Now, one thing that the NHL has that the NFL does not have is local TV deals. The NBA and MLB also have this. The suggestion was made by Bob Costas for MLB (but it applies for all similar leagues) that revenue derived from local TV deals needs to be split 50-50 as well. This would prevent the massive disparity between the Yankees and Royals from directly impacting the ability to compete on the field. It would work in the NHL as well.
It could work I suppose, but what about concessions and non-hockey related events that are covered by arena management ?
If Celine dion sells out the bell center, then tampa should get a check ?

I am all for the parity in the NHL that is often lacking in MLB and to a lesser extent the NFL. I have no problem with revenue sharing, what I dont want is for teams to become dependent long term on these subsidies while they run the team into the ground in their own markets. Teams like the royals ( who seemingly are looking to make a move with recent trades) or teams going boom to bust like the marlins. By telling teams we are going to cut you into the pie without you having to lift a finger, you are simply going to incentivize the have nots perpetually living off the largesse of the have teams and will strongly reduce the growth and expansion of the game into non traditional markets.

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