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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post

That is the perfect word for this situation. There were significant problems back when the arena was only in it's planning stages and they were seemingly ignored.

#1. The arena's location was not in a centralized place for the Phoenix area. This means a lot of potential fans are less likely to go to a game because of where the arena is.

#2. There is another large, modern arena in better, more centralized location. In addition, the main tenant of that arena is more entrenched in the area. So this new arena would be competing with the existing arena for tenants and concerts.

#3. The proposed main tenant of the proposed arena competes in a sport that can best be described as non-traditional. In addition, the team already had some problems attracting fans, though the arena they competed in wasn't designed for ice hockey. There wasn't a lot of history to indicate there was a strong likelyhood of success. The best that could be said of it was there was some potential.

On top of that, the economy tanked. But the city invested $180 million into the arena despite the above problems. They then spent another $50 million keeping the team for another two years. Now, there is a proposal to give another $300+ million to the team's potential owner to keep it at the arena. But none of the three problems have been corrected and have instead just continued. And the city has already invested $230 million with a lot more on the way. This, with the city struggling to stay above water.

I understand the phrase "in for a penny, in for pound", but Glendale is taking this to obscene levels.

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