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12-10-2012, 02:10 PM
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Details of the NHLPA proposal

The NHL Players' Association backed off on its proposal that the players' share could not go backwards in terms of dollars starting in Year 2. It had been a non-starter for the NHL.
I'd assumed the PA dropped that in the proposal completely, but if they didn't, they need to.

The NHLPA suggested a mid-level cap exception. The NHL told the union it was a non-starter. It is unclear whether it is still on the table.
Don't like this at all. I think the players would actually get positive escrow under the more restrictive CBA. I don't like another potential loophole.

The sides did not discuss how the payroll range -- the salary cap and floor -- would be calculated.
This needs to be done, and I would like to see a wider range than +/- $8M, because that was based on nearly half the revenues and salaries as today. I still like a percentage calculation.

In short, whether you feel the sides are close or still far apart, we can all agree on this: They still have a lot more to discuss.
Exactly. And that's why I didn't like the all-or-nothing NHL proposal. That just seems like they wanted to either punish the players for getting Fehr involved or didn't want to discuss it anymore.

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