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12-10-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I didn't say they had. I said *IF* they outplayed Kaberle, then why keep Kaberle. Cost effectiveness. It would however not be a completely unreasonable gamble to think that they *might* outplay Kaberle. I personally would have gambled on this. Habs management did not. So it is now officially a moot point. At least until the next off-season, whenever that may be.
It does make the Habs better if you replace them with better players, of course. Neither player played up to the value of their respective contracts last year, for example. Find a player who will. There's always an element of risk in that. But Kaberle and Bourque are a pair who have already demonstrated failure in that regard, so are probably a higher risk than some. Again, however, Habs failed to find (or look for, who knows) such players, so it is once again a moot point in the short term for the Habs.

Bourque was a 5-goal player for us, not a 20 one. Kaberle played essentially at the level of M-A Bergeron for us. These are not difficult elements to replace. At all. But of course, I personally do believe that both players can be better than those respective levels. How much better? Remains to be seen. If you watched the Habs last season, you will know this is true and not "irrational crying". Maybe you gave up and stopped watching? Those were not good players for us, and not worth their salaries.

You can't have perfect cost effectiveness with every player on your team, of course. There will be some pluses and minuses in a given year, it's inevitable. But after players do put up minuses, and you consider their age, the player type they represent, their past tendencies and trends... I don't see how it adds up to an optimistic outlook for Bourque and Kaberle. One can always hope. But serious optimism would be quite misplaced in their cases.

I will hope they rebound, as a fan. As Habs fantasy manager, I would be working to dump them at maximum benefit to my team, however... while still hoping for them to turn things around in the meantime. But again, even if they do turn things around, what do they represent? An aging soft defender with 2nd unit PP skills. A soft underachieving forward who can score 20 goals. It would be a sad day for any team in the league if they truly *needed* players like that for anything but a very short term band-aid. Habs could have used the band-aid this season, true. Next season? If they do, management will have failed in some fashion. (Well, or the lockout will still be going on!).
Later in last season year, Diaz did very well when paired with Emelin, and it could be a really good 3rd pair, if we move Kaberle and find a RD partner to play with Markov.

The problem is that we don't know for sure that Markov can play a full season and stay healthy, and until Markov proves that, Kaberle is still needed, Subban, Diaz both showed last year that they can't run a powerplay. Mtl PP did a lot better when Kaberle arrived. So while I see what you mean by saying Kaberle isn't needed, and agree, it wouldn't be wise to move him until Markov proves to be back at 100%.

In regards to Bourque, while he doesn't play aggressive, he isn't really soft, most of his goals are simply just being around the net, so its not like he is afraid of contact. And his contract isn't really a burden, and not sure why you give him away unless you have a better replacement.

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