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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Please. Learn about the labor history of the NHL. You read one article and "the players had it coming".

What are we, three years old?

Read about the ******** the owners pulled for decades. Teams back in the 50s and 60s lied about how much they made (sound familiar) and players were told the league would fold if they took too much. When the players tried to unionize, the leaders got traded or sent to the minors.

Do some research on the BS that was pulled on Howe by Norris. Howe trusted him and gave himself only incremental raises each year....

When a player was drafted and signed with a team, he gave up his lifetime rights to sign with a new team. Players weren't even allowed to have copies of their contracts. If a player requested to look at their contract, they got labeled as troublemakers.

Lets not forget the back room deals between the owners and Eagleson.

You have no idea how ****ed up it was for years. Now you want to claim the owners are victims. Get real.
Apple and Oranges, Jiggy.

We'll never see eye to eye, and I tried to jump out to only get sucked back in, and that was an act of a three year old mistake.

Get Jiggy with that fight to end all fights.

I know what happen in the early twentieth century, how about joining us in the twenty first century.

Different picture, eh?

Someone can sure take over, my insight is off the table.


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