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12-10-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
The main reason I hate this trade is for the Royals it doesn't make sense on multiple levels.

Firstly on a value level. If we assume Myers and Shields are worth each other, a #1-2 pitcher and a top-5 prospect in baseball, then you equate Odorizzi + Montogmery + Leonard to Davis. Yeah wtf?

Secondly, from a competitive perspective. Yes the Royals rotation did get better. Anytime you add a top-of-the rotation starter, it gets better. Any rotation. The problem is the pieces surrounding Shields. Guthrie and Santana are his 2nd and 3rd starting pitchers in that lineup. If we assume Davis, then he slots in at 4. Shields-Guthrie-Santana-Davis. With Santana your hoping he can find his 2011 and the decrease in velocity on his FB is not concrete. And Guthrie isn't that good. Yes he had a decent 91 IP after moving to KC, but his time with the O's indicate he won't be that good. Davis has a risk of losing some of his velocity like he did when he was a starter.

With regards to their offense, they are hoping Hosmer and Moose take a step forward.

What I'm saying is their roster has too many question marks. And even if it all works out, I don't think anyone will be comfortable with putting them finishing above the tigers. I mean, could they have a Baltimore esque season? Absolutely, but they could have also just traded important pieces of their future for a shot at being mediocre. If Shields was under team control longer (he has 2 cost controlled option years I believe), I would've said this makes sense. With how crazy FA pitching is these days salary wise, I think it's almost certain Shields atleast tests the market. Maybe the Royals can re-sign him, who knows, but I don't like this for them.
Word had it that the Rays were not going to trade Shields for Myers straight up.
So KC did not trade Odorizzi + Montogmery + Leonard for Davis.

These other side issues regarding the Royals have nothing to do with the trade.

Shields will have to perform very well these next two seasons to command serious money as a free agent. The jury is certainly out on that.
If that's the case, they'll get 2 quality years from Shields before deciding whether to pay for him to stay.
And in Davis, it looks like KC got a bargain from a salary standpoint.

This is a now trade for KC. They may compete in an otherwise weak division.

It's great to see an old fashion trade happen in this era of ridiculous free agent spending.

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