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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
It's going to have to when the real next gen systems hit the market, because the only reason to play a Nintendo system will be their first party.

See: Nintendo 3DS launch.
Originally Posted by KesselForSelke View Post
3DS had a very quick price drop. If Wii U sales are anemic, then yes it will see a drop. The Wii didn't have a price drop because it was selling at a ridiculous pace.
Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
Also: The Wii U's competition is the 360 and the Ps3, both those systems will be ~150 or less when we enter next gen (which will be 2014).

Nintendo put themselves in a rough spot with the Wii U.
The reason for the 3DS price drop was the lack of games at/near launch. Nintendo has said numerous times that they've learned from that mistake and there will be 60+ games available between the launch date and March.

Nintendo made money on the Wii from day 1. With the Wii U they're actually losing a little money on the console itself. (They make money if 1 game is bought with the console)

The Wii U will be competing against other 8th Generation Consoles. The Wii will continue to compete against the PS3 & Xbox 360.

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