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12-10-2012, 03:58 PM
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That was from a 55 minute long (in-game minutes) 6 person FFA on the 2v2 map Tempest. It had Hyun (giving massage), Golden (receiving massage), Taeja, DeMuslim, Rotterdam and Gretorp playing... Really funny, hopefully there is a VOD soon.


In other news, Complexity's goswser (GosuUser) took first place in his Iron Squid group, over MMA, Genius and Nerchio... Today, he joined Millennium.

And EG bolstered their Korean lineup by signing Revival, formerly of TSL. Good pickup. Now the EG-TL team should be:

Z: Stephano, Revival, Jaedong, Zenio, IdrA
T: Taeja, Sea, PuMa, ThorZain
P: HerO, JYP, HuK

I'd like to see EG or Liquid sign another Korean Protoss, because between the two teams, HerO is the only good player relative to the Korean pro circuit.

They could also use another Terran because ThorZain is too slow mechanically to make a splash in the Proleague, PuMa is somewhat of a one-build wonder, and Sea hasn't really shown much yet.

IdrA is actually useful in the context of Proleague because his ZvZ is very high level, and they can use him to snipe Zergs on the weeks when they do the all-kill format.

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