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Originally Posted by Fugu
I think both sides had gone farther than their original position, or certainly farther than the hawkish sides within would agree to.

I made the point elsewhere that this may be a case where there are more than just two factions, especially on the owners side where that had been reported (no one side has a clear majority). It's like trying to build a coalition government.

To expand, the things each side needs from the other to close that deal lead away from the compromises or trade-offs needed to get support from the other faction.
I would actually think the opposite. I think on the owners side you have 2 groups. Those that want/need something very specific out of the CBA and will only play once that's achieved aka hardliners. And those that want/need something better, but also want to play and do not want to lose any games (or the least amount possible) - aka moderates. There might be a couple in the group that will play under almost any circumstance (such as the last CBA), but I don't think there's many there (less than 2-3 - if that).

On the players side you're likely going to have multiple fractions.
-The hardliners who don't want to give up anything.
-The guys who want to play and will accept almost any deal.
-The guys who will allow some acceptable change, but want to play.
-Then there are the guys who in their heart are in one group, yet financially are somewhat forced into another group.

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