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Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
Not really directed at you, but I think the US is going to make some of the posters on here look silly.

Every team has strengths and has their flaws, but looking at the US team, and the number of skilled players they have top down, I do find it odd how they are getting ranked below Sweden and Finland who simply are not on their overall talent level. ...

playing this tournament away from North American soil could play havoc on both Canada and the US, but we did just fine in 04 away from North America with a similar makeup team that we are bringing now...
I'm pretty sure you had similar feelings last year about how dynamic that team would be. Didn't you say last year that one of the strengths of the US roster was their defense before the tournament? To which I only have to say Clendening. Wasn't Saad someone you thought would be a force for the team? I know you didn't like some CHL omissions, but you thought Blais would guide that team to victory.

Sorry, I'm not meaning to pick on you. This isn't directed at you, but many people picked USA to be a medalist last year and several had them pegged for gold. All I read prior to the tournament was how Jack Campbell was going to be a brick wall that would shut down everyone. Obviously, everything that can go wrong did. It was as bad as Canada in 1998.

By no means am I suggesting that USA will suffer through that type of embarrassment again this year, but I think there is a tad too much overhyping of them. Again, that is not directed at you. I think you are a reasonable poster. You have them slotted below Russia and Canada with a belief that they can still come together and win in the end.

I don't think there is a massive gap between Sweden, Finland and USA. There is a bigger gap between Canada and Russia and those 3 nations though. However, anything can happen in a tournament. All any team needs to succeed is great chemistry and great goaltending.

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