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Originally Posted by Luck 6 View Post
Which is why I said it should be a 3 horse race: Thomas, Lundqvist, and Luongo. You could make a case for either of them, really. Thomas has the hardware, Luongo has the best stats, and Lundqvist has been the most consistant. You could also make a case against any of them just as easily. Lundqvist hasn't won anything, Thomas hasn't been consistant, and Luongo has faltered under pressure.

And Thomas did suck, at least statistically, for a number of seasons. The bad team excuse doesn't work here as all 3 of these goalies played behind some pretty crappy defenses at times and still managed impressive numbers. Thomas spent half of one of his seasons in the AHL, and his NHL numbers that year were far from spectacular. The season after he followed it up with a GAA over 3 and a S% around 0.900. Then, in 09/10 he last his starter job to Rask half way through the season. So it's not as if that was a dominant season for him either.

My point is, there is a knock against all of these guys. Thomas certainly has had the most prominent peak, but calling him the best goalie from lock out to lock out is about more than peak.
I would like you to explain to me, and I have watched every game Thomas has played inthe NHL with the exception of maybe 3 games, how he has been inconsistent. The man got consistently better every season except for the seaon where he needed hip surgery and last season, that is pretty consistent.

It really looks to me that a lot of people have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to Thomas except for those who have watched him his entire career.

If people want to say Lundqvist or Luongo were better that is one thing, to leave Thomas off of your list like some people have done in this thread just shows you have some kind of bias against Thomas.(not you in particular, the people who listed 10 goaltenders without listing Thomas)

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