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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
I love my Nintendo systems, but the Wii U is currently the worst system (performance wise) for third party games already, and the Ps4/720 aren't even out yet. Will it take devs time to code for the system properly? Yes, of course. But, by the time third party devs fully figure it out, the new consoles will be out.

Again, I own every Nintendo system they've ever released, and I still play my Super Nintendo daily, but the Wii is likely to finish this gen in third place, and I don't see the Wii U duplicating the Wii's success, even with all of Nintendo's heavy hitters behind it. It'll be extremely difficult/possibly not even worth it for devs to scale their Ps4/720 games down to the Wii U, nevermind implement gamepad functionality...

Nintendo has to really unload the first party heavy weapons to get people to buy the system, and I don't see them doing it. I hope at E3 they have it coming, because they'll be in tough for 2013 if the new Smash isn't shown, Zelda is MIA and their other franchises are ghosts as well, and all we have is Pikmin and NSMB U.

The Wii U will finish at N64/Gamecube levels more than likely, and that's fine, because I own and love both those systems. But the Wii U will not be competition for Microsoft and Sony, just like they weren't competition this gen (for an entirely different reason, I admit). It sucks, because, I really want Nintendo to do well.
The Wii has sold almost 100 Million consoles and you think that it's going to finish third in sales behind the 360 & PS3?

The new game engines are scalable. They can run on an iPad or iPhone. They'll be able to run on the Wii U too. They may not have the same level of graphical detail as the PS4 or 720 but the Wii U will still be able to run them.

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