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12-10-2012, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Marshall* View Post
The praise of Kyle Shannahan is asinine (referring to Post columns)

What he's doing really well is getting his once-of-a-lifetime quarterback killed.

Tell lil' Kyle to run out in traffic, then come back and realize what an asset a franchise quarterback.

Been years since this team has had this kind of face/name/talent, and all Kyle Shannahan can do is **** it up.
But would RG3 be as effective in any other type of system?

I mean, I get the criticism of the guy and lord knows the Post doesnt need to stroke anymore egos...but I think what they have done with the offense and molding it to the guy running it has been pretty decent coaching. Could it get the guy injured? Sure. But that's the QB he is.

I dunno. Im torn.

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