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12-10-2012, 03:23 PM
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I think hockey players in particular, in comparison to other sports, leave themselves far more vulnerable to being taken advantage of. This is due to the players not taking an interest in union activities and issues. This could be in part the fault of the PA, under Goodenow they didn't exactly gardner a reputation for openess and transparency. I get the impression that Fehr's a complete 180 from Goodenow in that regard so players may be more informed and less prone to being hoodwinked than before.

I think something else that happens, especially when agents latch onto teenagers, is they leech off the player and his family, creating false expectations and exploiting that to further their own bank accounts and reputations. Kids and their families, especially those dreaming of being the next Gretzky or Roy, are easy to exploit and manipulate.

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