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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Anyone that thinks the players would have been better off signing any of the previous offers than holding out is not thinking clearly imo, the players have done much better than almost anyone thought they could... and they still stand to gain more. They aren't gaining on the last CBA, but they are gaining huge on anything the owners offered. There is no way they would have been better off signing any of those earlier offers.
Disagree completely. Many of us on here have asked the pro-PA posters to explain a plausible scenario where the players can come out ahead of where they would have been had they signed in October and nobody has come up with a reasonable scenario yet. Sure, if you look strictly at the contracting issues and "make whole" money, the league's most recent offer may be "better" than the 82 game one in October, but: A) It seems reasonable that anything the league is willing to give up now could also have been given up to save a full 82 game season if the PA had just negotiated off of it, and B) The players have now lost $600 million that they will never get back. Again, even if the NHL had accepted the PA's most recent proposal, the players would still be out a significant amount of money from where they would have been had they accepted the NHL's offer in October. Their position is absolutely defenceless.

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