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12-10-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
True, everyone knew the first offer was a sham. The PA hasn't just "gained" on that offer though, they've destroyed every "last, best offer" the NHL has come with since. People assumed they'd settle on that 50%, did anyone really think they'd get all this transition money?
Anyone? I can't answer that. I don't know what the league's ideas were as to where they'd compromise in order to get to where they really wanted to be. None of us do. They may have planned it all along. And, we have yet to see if all that transition money is still there for the PA's taking.

As for having "destroyed" the NHL's offers, well, we disagree on that term, as well.

They aren't looking for revenge, they're looking to keep as much money and rights as they can, and doing a masterful job of it.
IMO their primary concern is to "win" and win big (revenge) and have said as much when they continually point out that they "lost" the last CBA. Hiring Fehr was the first salvo. And, sure, they want to keep as much money and rights as they can, but losing the amount of money they're losing compared to what they're gaining is hardly "masterful." But that's just my opinion.

I disagree, I guess we'll see.
Yep, we sure do. The fact that the league canceled a season before is pretty strong indication to me that they're willing to call it a day if the union "calls their bluff" one time too many.

That said, I hope there's no need for it. My dream is that both sides get together and work out a deal that's fair for both and will be what's best for the health of the league. A pipe dream, perhaps, but my dream nonetheless.

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