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12-10-2012, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by maplehawk View Post
Marty Turco the latest to slap every fan in the face.

Seriously...the stupidity of some of these players. I don't get it. Upshall was the worst case...with him yapping about how he gets treated like cattle and how the owners are taking everything away from him...then he posts a pic of his beachview. Dumb with what's going on today...especially considering the state of our economy. Alot of us are struggling...I lost my job in 2009 and have been struggling to start my own business since the job market is bone dry. I wouldn't mind 1/10th of what these guys are making. So when they're posting pics of their "Hollywood-like" livelihood...all the while complaining about how other rich crybabies are treating them like "cattle"...they've got ZERO sympathy from me.

And I get it...these guys take a beating and have to train...and travel plenty which separates them from their families for stretches. But there are plenty of jobless people in this economy who are just struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Now is not the time to be posting pics of your beautiful vacation or beachfront home with #lockout or #lockoutproblems tied to it. Must be nice to NOT get paid and be able to take a pic of your warm, cozy vacation spot or home in December. Meanwhile, people like me haven't even had a vacation in 3 years now.

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