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Originally Posted by topched View Post

Completely disagree. As long as the NHL has the best players from all over the world, it will be the best league to play in.

The NHL has the best NA, European and Russian players in it right now. The NA part will never change, and as long as that changes I don't see the Euro part ever changing. The KHL could hope to one day be able to attract the best Russian players in the world, but as long as players like Ovechkin, Malkin, Grigorenko and Yakupov are stars in the NHL, this is not going to change.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I can't imaging many young kids growing up saying "I want to be like Radulov". I see far more growing up saying "I want to be like Datsyuk/Ovechkin/Malkin/Yakupov"

Sure they can make more money in the first few years in the KHL rather than playing minor pro in NA, but long term they will never be able to compete. In NA you're playing in front of 15,000+ fans every night, you're treated like a God, the endorsement deals are as good or better than they could be in the KHL, you're exposure to the world is greater. This gives you a better opportunity to develop a career after hockey, whether its investing, or a second career as a media member or a player agent like Larionov.

Given its current state, I don't see the KHL ever being more than a league for 2nd tier europeans who have the opportunity to make more money as first liners/stars in the KHL than secondary pieces in the best league in the world.

Also I apologize as this is getting slightly off-topic.
ok, well your opinion is very much a western way of looking at it. It's a narrow perspective, since all you see is 1 way. Kids do grow up watching Radulov and others and wishing they could also play on their teams. Maybe there aren't a lot of them now, but A LOT more than just 5 years ago, before KHL and so on. See the pattern?

15,000 NA fans is good for some, but others may want to be a part of creating 15,000+ fans at home. But you have to understand, people from across the ocean don't look at it the way you do because they have a different view from where they sit. Europe is home, let's make home better or best, not just assume that something is "impossible" because why? Exactly- there is no valid reason why.

So it all comes back to juniors, and Russia has made huge strides by doing exactly that. Looking at the depth of this Junior team, and development infrastructure created for long term, is created not to rely on NHL and the rules that they create.

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