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12-10-2012, 04:08 PM
bought a MB jersey
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't know anybody that goes into a Fitness related field and gets to be surrounded by the best trainers that wouldn't think of it as a privilege. Being from that field, I can relate.
You can choose to be stubborn and yet again focus on a minor detail, but there's very little point to it.

Don't quite understand your fair comment
pretty much everyone get the difference, since you dont I'll give you an example. You love riding your bike, you need a new one as the old one is broken, you're privileged enough to (see, privileged) have all the money needed to call lets say Cannendale corp directly to have a bike made just for you, custom. THAT is a privilege... but... wether you're rich or poor, if you're to race (on bike) for a living, you will need a very good bike, the ones at La Baie wont be enough, even as a beginner in that field you will NEED a very good bike. Riding a cheap ass bike is not an option, you'll make one race - finish last - quit that racing dream of yours. You may think it's a privilege but it's not, it's an investment. There's a reason lots of those guys get summer training programs (from the team training staff or from personnal trainer)...


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