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12-10-2012, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jill Sandwich View Post
The engines are scalable, that doesn't mean the games themselves are. Gears of War is not on the iPhone.

Actually, they'll probably stay relatively close in terms of detail since the WiiU has a decent GPU. The problem is they won't be able to work on the most basic levels of many games if they require a lot of on-screen routines. It's already cropped up as a problem today, I can only imagine when it's trying to do something that relies on heavy levels of AI routines and everything that comes with that; open world games especially.

I also don't think either Sony or Microsoft are too worried about catching up to the Wii, because of their extreme advantage in software attach.
Darksiders 2 is a good example of how an average to good game on a Ps3/360 could possibly be a bad to shoddy game on the Wii U this early in the life cycle.

I'm not being all doom and gloom, because I think games will get better and ports will become closer to the other current consoles/possibly a bit better, but the system itself seems to already be having issues with certain things (as the article demonstrated, lighting for one)

Oh, and Darksiders 2 isn't even running in true 720p. It'll be scary when a game comes along that actually is unless the programmers are godly.

(Oh, and there are really good ports of games on the Wii U, like Assassin's Creed 3 and Trine 2, no one's arguing that there won't be good ports)

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