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12-10-2012, 04:17 PM
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Here is what we do know on Smith. The Wings attempted to have talks on JayBo, Yandle, and Nash. In all of those Wings management according to people around the team did not make him available. You ask what his value is, well he was protected in attempts to acquire three guys that have suited up in all-star games. Now you can debate that a future HHOF GM has lost it or a lot of the brain trust that is also HHOF guys are out of touch. But it is clear his value to the Wings is still at a very high place and virtually untouchable. The only time we ever heard his name dangled by the writers around the Wings was in a potential sign and trade for Weber.

I understand why a lot of people around here have become tired of the love affair Wings fans have with Smith. But on a pure value basis it is important to look at how Wings management and coaches talk about him. He has done nothing but increase value in their eyes and the slow development path was their choice. They never say that he is disappointing in it, just that they have a plan and he is following it and they are all very pleased with him. He is basically a core player even if for a lot of people he has never done anything to earn it, that is how the Wings look at him.

One more thing on projecting his place in the NHL. For years we saw him as the #1 PP guy. That still might happen but there are very few that don't think Sproul is that guy. They could team together, but at some point soon that will be the race and my feeling is Kronwall gets to keep one of the first PP spots and Sproul wins out because of his huge right handed shot. So maybe some of Smith's projected numbers need to be brought back in. Which makes all the progress he has made on D that much more important. I would say his biggest step forward this year has been on the pk, he needs to do a better job of either staying out of shooting lanes or actually making the block, but he has come a very long way in that department. He will be a pk guy in my opinion to those saying they don't think he can do it. He is very good at getting guys away from the front of the net and breaking corner scrambles on the pk.

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