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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
The way I think it works is this. Salary cap & escrow are both calculated on the cap amounts, not actual dollars. So in 2013/14 Sidney Crosby's cap hit is $8.7 million but the money actually paid to him is $12 million. His escrow payments, however, are based off the cap hit, so at say 5%, he pays $435,000 (or 3.625% of his actual money paid to him). He might or might not get all/part of that money back. Meanwhile, Jamal Mayers signs a 1 year deal at $600,000. He pays his 5% escrow on that full amount ($30,000) and may or may not get it all back.
No. Cap compliance is based on cap hits (Average Club Salary), but the 54-57% Players Share and escrow is based on actual salary and bonuses paid (Actual Club Salary).

Back diving contracts help teams and players by freeing up some cap room on the front end - but it is a zero sum game. Crosby counts $12M against the Players Share and pays escrow on the full $12M. Any add'l spending the Pens do due to the extra cap room all comes out of the pockets of the other players through escrow.

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