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Originally Posted by Marshall* View Post
The praise of Kyle Shannahan is asinine (referring to Post columns)

What he's doing really well is getting his once-of-a-lifetime quarterback killed.

Tell lil' Kyle to run out in traffic, then come back and realize what an asset a franchise quarterback.

Been years since this team has had this kind of face/name/talent, and all Kyle Shannahan can do is **** it up.
On the flip side, suggesting that Baby Shanny will get Griffin killed is asinine as well. Griffin has been hurt twice this year that forced him out of the game. Both times he was hurt SCRAMBLING out of the pocket on a pass play. Not a designed QB run out of the option or other formation.

Griffin is what he is. A QB blessed with athletic skills few have at the QB position in the NFL. It would also be asinine to try and change the way he plays, effectively negating what makes him one of a kind.

PS: They never split Griffin out at WR. He handed off on an end around and he ran out for a pass. Yes it was dumb, but he wasn't split out at WR.

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