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12-10-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I mean surely you must feel inconsistent that you're constantly trying to argue down what financial benefits the players should feel entitled to with arguments that can apply as well to the owners.

It's also a privilege and a life choice to own a professional sports team.

- You get to feel like a winner if your team does the winning. Whereas players have to contribute their minds and bodies to winning, owners contribute their money.

They do engrave the owners' name on the Stanley Cup. I think Jeremy Jacobs actually put his wife's name on the Cup.

Why do you think Philadelphia offered 110 million to Shea Weber? Because it will increase playoff revenue? Maybe? Or Maybe because the owner wants to win a cup?

What do you think of European soccer teams paying 50 million dollars just to have the rights to players?

And have you ever seen Marc Cuban at a Dallas Mavericks game?

One can legitimately argue that owning a team is an expensive hobby, like running a philanthropic organization, and not an "investment".

- Owners make a lot of connections easy. Think of all the business deals the owners end up doing with each other. Closer to home. think of how Geoff Molson's social capital must have skyrocketed among Quebec's elites. Being a billionaire is all about having connections, I'm sure they get more mileage out of that than out of the massive profits and increased franchise valuations their teams bring in.
I'm not arguing over what is a financial benefit. I've said it many times before, anybody clearly siding one way is bias. You've made it clear that you're fully on the players side. To the point where you actually think some people are (and accused me of it as well) are envious and jealous of the earnings of the players, which is quite moronic because if envy over cash was truly happening, I'd be envious of the owners's bank accounts, not the players. But, that completely escaped your mind.

In any event, I posted somebody for saying constantly being in great shape is something most people can't do, as if it is a drag. I said it's more of a privilege than anything else. Simple, and clear.
Someone else responded in saying it's a benefit. I said fine, still remains a privilege.

Never said owning a team isn't a privilege. It is one. What's your point?

You seem to have a very hard time understanding the ''life choice'' idea. It was first brought up when discussing young kids making a career choice. I called it a life choice, not a risk, because everybody goes through that. Owners go through that whenever they opt to go into business, kids make one when they decide to pursue their dreams. Other kids go through it when they choose to become engineers, teachers, doctors, wtv...
You like to argue that eating an apple instead of a banana in the morning is a life choice. You completely miss the point and I see no use in trying to explain it over again.

As for your idea that owning a team is more of a hobby than an investment, I disagree. It is purely a business move. No owner would purchase a team if it was a bad investment. None.
Btw, ya Philly offered Weber a contract because they want to win. Do I really have to explain to you what winning does to a team financially?

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