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12-10-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Billionaire Bot View Post
I think it was foolish to leave a wildly successful show that will presumably be around for years where you have a role that will be grown and people can actually see your face in order to work in a one off movie where you'll be so heavily made up that no one will recognize you anyway, if they even care to recognize "that really tall orc who was such a fantastic actor."
I disagree. Aside from Sean Bean and Charles Dance (and possibly Peter Dinklage) where are the other star actors from the show? It's not like being on GoT catapulted anyone into stardom who wasn't already there. Having The Hobbit on your resume is better then any Tv series no matter which one it is. And it's not like Gregor is a main cast role anyway, sure he has some important parts but his role is to be menacing and scary and not talking much is part of that.

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