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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
and the beat goes on...

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
Manny Malhotra on splitting differences to forge CBA deal: "It wouldn't in fact be splitting it. It would be us conceding more to them."

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
More Malhotra on splitting CBA, contract length difference: "You'd love to think it would be that simple. We've conceded far too much ...

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
... and to give that much more would just be nonsense."

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
Malhotra on owners not wanting Fehr in room to ink deal: "Another one of their tactics to discredit Don, to say he's standing in the way ...

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
... He's the pro. To think we'd be dotting the I's and crossing the Ts without him in the room is absurd."

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
Malhotra on NHLPA resolve: "To have them (owners) reject it (proposal) and call everything off, I think it pissed a lot of guys off ...

Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma
... It's similar to their offer in the summer, it's made us more strong."
absolute garbage. He is so extreme it's not even funny.

People like him is why this has gone on so long!

Why do you care about contracts longer than 7 years(what the owners are offering for resigning own player) malhorta? you've probably never gotten one longer than 3 years!

everything else is so insignificant i dont know why they wouldnt just give it to the owners and end this.

You could argue variance, but what else is a big issue for the players? 20-30 players are on a contract longer than 7 years(ok 5 if you're a UFA, but you can still do sign and trades with this). Why are they fighting tooth and nail to get 8+ years?

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