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12-10-2012, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Well, the most recent case involves Chris Philips of Ottawa & Dany Heatley, who combined are suing their former agent/advisor, one Stacey McAlpine & his family for somewhere north of $10M for failed real estate investments, misrepresentation & fraud. There are all kinds of horror stories going back through the generations, into the late 60's & early 70's when the WHA gravy train arrived, players realizing previously unheard of, almost unimaginable salaries & performance bonuses of one kind or another. In order to become an agent today of course, represent a player in negotiations, you have to be a member of the NHL Player Agents Association, a governing body that conducts background checks & monitors the memberships activities. Still, your going to get bad apples in every bunch, a lot of money involved, people are gonna do nasty things.
modano and fedorov too, right? (not mcalpine specifically, but bad investments that they blamed on their agents)

Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well and that's the thing, why do you put all this trust in one person? It is your agent and all, but if you are about to leave a team you love and have roots don't you think it is important to ensure that YOU hear what the GM is offering? If Bobby Orr and Harry Sinden were in the same room together Orr retires a Bruin, plain and simple. I also can't imagine Ryan Smyth and Kevin Lowe being unable to negotiate a reported $100,000 difference to stay in Edmonton. Both those players left town when the truth is they'd have been better served just walking into the GM's office and saying: "Look I want to hear it from YOU that this is the offer."
actually, what i was hinting at is that a lot of the holdout fiascos of really young players that in the end did more harm than good is a lot like players losing parts of or entire seasons due to the lockout. i.e., even if the end deal is more favorable, in the long run didn't you lose money by losing an entire year of your very finite career?

though i guess at least the PA can always tell themselves that they made a sacrifice for the good of future players. what can nedved say?

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